A new fave of mine!


Who else loves these c.Booth 4 in 1 body lotions!

I originally received the Vanilla Butter one in an Influenster box to test out and loved it so much I stocked up more of them!

These are seriously moisturizing plus they exfoliate and firm skin leaving it soft. I love that they do not contain things like sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or petroleum and are cruelty free – HUGE plus!! Did I mention that they smell amazing! Right now I am seriously loving the Lemon  Sugar one – it smells SO good!


Beauty Tip Tuesday


Beauty Hack

I broke my Tafetta powder  so I decided to give this trick I keep seeing a try  using rubbing alcohol to fix it. I think it worked out pretty good! My powder is back in one piece. A few cracks but once again usable 

This is what I did:
1. crush the powder up more using a plastic knife
2. add enough alcohol (you can also use Rosewater) to mix it into a paste
3. Using the plastic knife smooth it back into the compact
4. Lay a paper towel over it and pressed it down with the lid from a water bottle.
5. Let it dry ( I dried mine overnight)

Simple right? 🙂

Instant Lift



Can we just take a moment…….

to seriously appreciate this new Royalty instant lifting serum!!?!
Check out my mine and my dad’s results!! Amazing stuff!!

What does it do?
• Smoother looking skin within 2 hours but as early as 5-10 minutes
• The esults last all day
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles short and long term
• Reduces hyper-pigmentation and dark circles
• Over time it improves your skin’s elasticity and collagen
• Promotes healthy skin barrier function & enhances skin hydration
• Protects against irritants, pollutants, free radicals and other environmental factors.

I have been using it for about a month now around eyes, on my forehead, around mouth, under chin, on neck and chest!  I have been seeing a big improvement with eyelids where they were starting to hood a little bit. I am seeing more of my eyelid with eyes open now. Also noticing improvement with my neck and chest which is where I show my age the most, and around my eyes where crow’s feet are. So much less noticeable!

Absolutely obsessed with this stuff!!!

Bamboo Charcoal Detox


Seriously loving this Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifing Mask!

Love my masking nights. I use this Younique Royalty Bamboo Charoal Detox Mask 2-3 times a week and YES……I even used it on feet & armpits.
Hey!…… Those areas probably need detoxing even more than your face does!! Right!?
Plus….why not give yourself the Royal Spa treatment at home! I do 🙂


Also using it for my son on his arms and shoulders as well as his face. He gets these bumps on his arms and shoulders…..I believe they are called Keratosis Pilaris which is basically a build up of keratin or clogged pores where skin cells become hardened inside the pore. Sometimes it is caused by allergies or a trauma to the skin and the skin’s response is to that trauma is to produce more keratin. My son’s started when he was diagnosed with diabetes and had to be injecting insulin back in 2009. NOTHING has gotten it under control until now…I used the bamboo charcoal detoxifying mask and Rosewater twice on one arm and this is the results! The detoxifying mask basically pulls toxins and irritants out of the pores and absorbs them. Plus it is oxygenating the skin. It does not get rid of it completely BUT it has improved drastically.
I am blown away and he us super happy!

**Just want to say……by no means am I making medical claims here…..just sharing with you guys our own results and what is working for us. Please remember what works for one person does not mean it will for someone else – each person’s body and reactions are different. That being said it is worth trying in my opinion as it is naturally based and charcoal is known to be an excellent detoxifier!

Beauty Tip Tuesday




On top of sleeping in your makeup….these are some other things that can make you age faster than you should!

I am guilty of or have been guilty of several of these! I have stopped some of these and have been stopping and reducing others PLUS I use a great skincare that even helps reverse some of the damage already done! Absolutely our new Royalty skincare!

How many of these are you guilty of?


Beauty Tip Tuesday

Did you know?

Every night you sleep in your make up, you age 7 days!! While you are sleeping is when your skin renews itself. Make sure to remove all of your makeup before going to bed.

I used to be sooooo guilty of this! Either just too tired to go in the bathroom and go through the whole process or just falling asleep with it on. Now I have made a habit of just removing it earlier in the evening! And if I am too tired, I just grab one of my Younique.Younique Shine Wipes that I keep next to my bed and remove it right there. Love it!💜👌🙌

Anyone else quilty of this?