Fall …..Pumpkin Spice

Who LOVES Pumpkin Spice? I know I do!

Rockin some fall (pumpkin spice) inspired colors here and enjoying a pumpkin spice frapp! So addicted to the frapuccinos! Yum!

Colors I am wearing here:
Moodstruck Mineral Pigments in Irresistable & Gorgeous
🍂 Lucrative non-sticky lip gloss in Luscious 



Bamboo Charcoal Detox


Seriously loving this Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifing Mask!

Love my masking nights. I use this Younique Royalty Bamboo Charoal Detox Mask 2-3 times a week and YES……I even used it on feet & armpits.
Hey!…… Those areas probably need detoxing even more than your face does!! Right!?
Plus….why not give yourself the Royal Spa treatment at home! I do 🙂


Also using it for my son on his arms and shoulders as well as his face. He gets these bumps on his arms and shoulders…..I believe they are called Keratosis Pilaris which is basically a build up of keratin or clogged pores where skin cells become hardened inside the pore. Sometimes it is caused by allergies or a trauma to the skin and the skin’s response is to that trauma is to produce more keratin. My son’s started when he was diagnosed with diabetes and had to be injecting insulin back in 2009. NOTHING has gotten it under control until now…I used the bamboo charcoal detoxifying mask and Rosewater twice on one arm and this is the results! The detoxifying mask basically pulls toxins and irritants out of the pores and absorbs them. Plus it is oxygenating the skin. It does not get rid of it completely BUT it has improved drastically.
I am blown away and he us super happy!

**Just want to say……by no means am I making medical claims here…..just sharing with you guys our own results and what is working for us. Please remember what works for one person does not mean it will for someone else – each person’s body and reactions are different. That being said it is worth trying in my opinion as it is naturally based and charcoal is known to be an excellent detoxifier!

Beauty Tip Tuesday




On top of sleeping in your makeup….these are some other things that can make you age faster than you should!

I am guilty of or have been guilty of several of these! I have stopped some of these and have been stopping and reducing others PLUS I use a great skincare that even helps reverse some of the damage already done! Absolutely our new Royalty skincare!

How many of these are you guilty of?


Beauty Tip Tuesday

Did you know?

Every night you sleep in your make up, you age 7 days!! While you are sleeping is when your skin renews itself. Make sure to remove all of your makeup before going to bed.

I used to be sooooo guilty of this! Either just too tired to go in the bathroom and go through the whole process or just falling asleep with it on. Now I have made a habit of just removing it earlier in the evening! And if I am too tired, I just grab one of my Younique.Younique Shine Wipes that I keep next to my bed and remove it right there. Love it!💜👌🙌

Anyone else quilty of this?

August Kudos




Did you know?

– 1 in 4 girls AND 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before age 18
– Mentally disabled chidren are 3 tims more likely to be sexually abused
– 90% of children KNOW their abuser
– Sexual abuse us rarely reported

This month’s Kudos has a VERY special purpose and one that is VERY important to me! This Kudos collection and it’s colors was specifically created and chosen to help raise awareness for the prevention of sexual abuse in children, serve as a reminder of this cause and to get the conversation going!

The names and colors were specifically chosen for this collection for a reason and if you notice the Flourish is purple on the items in this collection! It is all purposeful to serve as a reminder to educate, talk about and bring awareness to the issue of sexual abuse of children!

How can you help defend innocence ?

– Get the Kudos bundle
– Round your order total up to the nearest dollar
– Have the conversation with your friends, your family, your colleagues, your children
– Educate yourself – learn the signs
– follow @defendinnocence on social media and visi the Defend Innocence and Youniqu Foundation websites
– Support survivors with YOUR voice

I will be obsessively grateful!